Nuxt.js: force trailing slash with a redirect

October 12, 2020

In a recent Nuxt.js project I've been working at, a SEO requirement was that all URLs had to be with trailing slash.

We can accomodate this request simply configuring the router part of the nuxt.config.js file:

router: {
    trailingSlash: true

But now if we call the URL without the trailing slash we're going to face a 404 page.

One possible solution is to force the trailing slash with a 301 redirect. This is easility possible thanks to the @nuxtjs/redirect-module module: let's install it and what follows is all we need to do the job:

redirect: [
        from: '^.*(?<!/)$',
        to: (from, req) => req.url + '/',
        statusCode: 301
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